Our Ministry

Focus Statement

Stay focused on Jesus Christ alone! Neither I, nor this ministry can save, set free, heal or restore you, but Jesus Christ can. Jesus paid the price for you and wants you free! God loves you - He is for you.

Be blessed: See you in heaven someday!

Mission and Purpose

To restore and encourage God given purpose in people and relationships by moving people into the Heavenly Father's Love and their Kingdom Identity.

  • To bring life and liberty to people (2 Cor. 3:17 -- where the Spirit of the Lord is -- there is liberty)
  • To do the will of the Father (IS 61:1-4)
  • To strengthen people's faith, hope and love (1 Cor. 13:13)

Ministry Purpose and Focus:

The purpose of this ministry is to preach, teach and confirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This ministry is led by the Holy Spirit and grounded in God the Father's Love for all people.

We move and flow in step with the Holy Spirit's leading.  We provide "faith based, biblically principled" ministry. We create new ministries based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- ones that preach, teach and confirm the Good News by:

  • Turning hearts towards God and each other
  • Setting people free
  • Restoring hearts and homes
  • Being Children of God

Ministry & Educational Areas of Focus

FREEDOM CENTERS TM AND FREEDOM MINISTRIES -- Places and ministry where people are set free (UP), restored, healed (OUT), encouraged and nurtured (UNTO).

ENCOURAGEMENT MINISTRIES -- ministry services where the presence and power of God encourages and restores purpose in people and families.

Why Freedom & Encouragement Ministry

*** If the audio buffers a lot / starts & stops - try downloading to hard drive or CD - be patient big files.

Ministry Approach

In one sense, this ministry approch is to help people restore and heal from life hurts and get free from the things that entangle them. I believe God the Father wants ALL His people set free and the broken hearted healed as indicated in Isaiah 61 and Luke 4. Jesus has paid the price and the gift of freedom is available to ALL those who will receive. Let me be really clear - this is not about me or the ministry - I have no power to deliver, heal or restore you but I can point you to the truth of God and pray with you. The Good News - Jesus Paid the Price and God will deliver, heal and restore you when you turn from it to Him. The Holy Spirits' Presence and Power can eradicate anything that has you hindered, bound or down and replace it with God the Father's love and blessings for you.

To help clarify -- sometimes it helps to indicate what it is and what it is not - so here goes:

It Is:

  • All about helping people Get Free!
  • Providing a faith based, biblically principled alternative
  • Eradicating verses medicating
  • About freedom today, not tomorrow
  • Restoring and encouraging people to excellence and all they can be
  • Based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and foundational Bible Truths confirmed by the Holy Spirit

It Is Not:

  • Based on any specific religion or church doctrine – only the Bible – God’s Truth!
  • Forcing religion down people’s throat – this has never worked and never will
  • Condemning people for their habits, addictions and problems
  • About coping and living with it – it is about God removing it
  • Downplaying other forms or alternatives that help people stop and are not counter to God’s Truth
  • by desiGn ministries, inc.'s plan or Michelle’s plan – it is God’s plan
  • Religious condemnation, guilt or shame



*** If the audio buffers a lot / starts & stops - try downloading to hard drive or CD - be patient big files.

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